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1.Global Thinking and Focusing / think and work on the world stage.We never limit possibility of human being. We are never prepossessed with small framework and old custom.

We fly and walk around all over the world, and concentrate our investment of administrative resource on the most appropriate region. We keep walking on the new road along our world strategy.
2.Competitive Advantage/ for customers' reliability, going on improvement,It is our duty to create our customers' ascendancy in the competitive business world.

Our globally expanded customers level out the production peak period and make us act efficient, speedy and systematically, enjoying large scale merit.

We always correspond with time change and pursue innovation as manufacturers.
3.Japan Quality Standardd / for customers' reliability, going on improvement,We do not pride anything ourselves. We simply do our best to keep promise with our customers. We simply make sincere effort and continue the effort.

Even if the border should be crossed over, even culture, custom and life manners different, what hits the heart is not different. It is our basic principle.

Should five staff be working in the atelier, each individual ability and human relationship are important.

Should 500 people be working in the factory, each individual ability is also important, and yet the technique to manage organization is necessary for him to exercise his ability, which is the field where Japan manufacturers can pride themselves in the world.

There are so many success stories and experience reports.

We have been exercising Japan manufactory management system in China to keep Japan quality standard.
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